Expert evaluation guide

Dear Expert

You will the see a list of the proposals you are requested to evaluate in the left menu item "Your evaluations".

Each proposal has several links. The acronym in the "Application" column is a link leading to the application text. In the next column the "DOW" leads to the description of work in a pdf file. It is recommendable to open these two pages in separate browser windows.

Further to the right there is a "Create" link in the "Conflict", which opens a "Declaration of no conflict of interest" form with two questions concerning possible conflict of interest and your expertise concerning this proposal. I you answer "No" and "Yes" and save you will get a new "Create" link in the "Eval" column, which opens the evaluation form.

If you cannot answer  "No" and "Yes" to the conflict and expertise questions, please write the reasons in the comment text field. You will not get the create link in the Eval column and you can proceed to the next proposal.

The evaluation form contains a number of questions, each with possible answers in a select box. Please select the appropriate answer to each question. A score will be calculated as you are answering the questions.

Please select the appropriate recommendation.

Please write the reasons for your evaluation in the comment text field. You may also write any observations which are not covered sufficiently by the questions. Your comments are very important for the further proces of evaluating proposals as wel as the final selection.

Thank you for contributing to the evaluation of projects!