Partnering with private or public proposals

The partnering tool allows a user to express her/his idea for a project in a proposal and then work confidentially on the proposal together with other users. When the call is open, the proposal is the basis for an application for funding.

Proposals are created and managed within User Groups.

A User Group is a closed room where users can communicate in confidence. The primary purpose of User Groups is to provide a facility for partnering in relation to ERA-NET calls, but User Groups may also be used for any other purpose users may have. 

The user who creates a proposal as a User Group is automatically the Group Coordinator, who has the sole rights to make changes in the group, including adding/deleting group memberships and giving administration rights to other members.

Proposals can be of two types related to visibility:

  • Public: Other users can see the proposal, read a summary description and apply for membership
  • Private: The proposal is invisible for other users and membership is by invitation only

​Public / Private can be reset during the life of the proposal. In both proposal types internal communication and memberships are confidential. Files uploaded to the proposal are secured against unauthorised access.

To create a new proposal, use the link in the menu. A form wil open, where you can enter a title, a description, set the visibility, and optionally upload a file. If you opts for a public proposal, the title and the description will be displayed to other users. 

Proposals can be used for making and submitting apllications for funding when the call is open.